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  • Blair Public Library New Exhibit: Fort Atkinson Celebrating 200 Years

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    New Exhibit: Fort Atkinson Celebrating 200 Years

    For immediate Release                                                                                                                                Celeste Lux
    4/29/19, Blair public Library & technology Center, 2233 Civic Drive, Blair—The Blair Public Library and Technology Center is currently hosting and exhibit of artifacts from the Fort Atkinson era celebrating 200 years, on loan from the Washington County Museum and Fort Atkinson. 
    Brought here by the fur trade, Fort Atkinson’s primary goal was to be peace keepers with the traders and native tribes as well as farming.  Fort Atkinson is known for creating the first library, School, newspaper and hospital, as well as the first factories and farms west of the Missouri River.  “We are delighted to host this exhibit of local artifacts of such important historical significance,” said Gayle Roberts, Director of The Blair Public Library & Technology Center, “It’s a fascinating look at early America and the significance of our area in its development.”
    The exhibit will continue in The Library exhibit center through May.
    Jordan Rishel, Executive Director
    (402) 533-4455